About Me

Profile photo for Andrew YoderHi, I’m Andrew Yoder. I am a designer who started as a modder in 2007. Between 2011 and 2015 I freelanced and made experimental art games while earning a bachelor’s degree in History. From late 2015 through the summer of 2018, I worked at Hi-Rez Studios as a level designer on Paladins, Smite Adventures, and on Paladins Battlegrounds before it became Realm Royale. In 2018 through 2019, I worked at Digital Extremes in Canada as a level designer on Warframe. As of 2020, I live in Sweden and work as a senior level designer.

I also have a design blog over Here . You can contact me at AndrewYoder [at] live.com

Talks and Publications

August 08, 2019 “The Door Problem of Combat Design” https://www.gamedeveloper.com/design/the-door-problem-of-combat-design.

March 19, 2019 “Playgrounds & Level Design” https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1025884/Level-Design-Workshop-Real-World (For the extended writeup, see: https://andrewyoderdesign.blog/2019/03/25/playgrounds-level-design/)

March 20, 2018. “The Holy Grail of Multiplayer Level Design: Levels for Competitive and Casual Play” https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1025497/Level-Design-Workshop-The-Holy

February 12, 2015. “Tarkovsky, Halo skulls, and the badlands of virtual space” https://killscreen.com/articles/holy-fools-belief-designed-spaces/

March 11, 2015. “The Player as Artist” https://killscreen.com/articles/player-artist/


Spring 2019. “Packing Up” and “Georgia” in The Temz Review https://www.thetemzreview.com/andrew-yoder.html

March 20, 2019. “Jam” and “The Call to Clown” https://whateverkeepsthelightson.com/issue-one